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FUNTASTIC FIELD TRIPS is a memorable learning experience for any school aged child, packed with fun-filled adventures every day! Students experience learning adventures at multiple sites, exploring a wide variety of very interactive and educational science, technology, engineering, math and art activities.

On upcoming field trips planned into the 2018-2019 school year, children will be actively engaged in activities and encouraged to become scientists for the day. Students engage in ecology and biology at recycling centers, businesses, parks and science centers around the Metropolitan Atlanta area and beyond as they learn about green technology, nature, birds, animal tracks & signs plus do a bit of fishing!

Students will find their inner creativity and experience a fun introduction by various artist discussing and demonstrating techniques, color, and design principles to create their own works of art! Children who express themselves through musical rhythms, will have opportunities to be introduced to a variety of instruments and explore some history at local events and museums.

The sky is the limit to energizing young adventurers at area planetariums and aviation museums where students dive even deeper into the wonders of the universe to explore and learn about astronomy and experience pilot training!


Planning a field trip is time-consuming; and adding an educational curriculum is just genious, but with our knowledgeable staff, all you’ll need to plan is your date for a FUNtastic Field Trip.

FUNtastic Field Trips is a unique service based in Decatur, Georgia. Known for its customized, educational field trip packages that never disappoint, FUNtastic Field Trips will help you plan an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind field trip.

FUNtastic Field Trips organizes educational group field trips for K-12 students and customizes field trips for church groups, after-school programs, educators, daycare centers, home schools and schools systems to fit your curriculum needs.

Determining your budget and travel agenda are two of the most time-consuming elements of planning a field trip. Let us do all the work and help you plan a marvelous FUNtastic field trip that everyone will enjoy:


Sometimes there’s not a lot in your budget. Let us know how much you’d like to spend, and we’ll draft custom field trip options just for you. 


Want to enjoy your field trip without sticking to a strict agenda? We’ll create a flexible plan that lets you have extra time in your schedule

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Call us and lets discuss your interest and needs. We strive to accommodate every budget, and every idea.

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