Meet Lillian

Meet Ms. Lillian Yvonne Burleson-Bittaye, founder, directress, owner, and Chief Executive Officer of the Sojourner Truth Observational Study Hometel Inc., a non-profit organization that evolved as a follow-up from a gang summit, which was held in 1993 in Kansas City, as well as an attack upon my daughter, on the way to school. I am a certified teacher who started out searching the streets for children who were being suspended from school, organized an alternative school program and tutorial assistance program designed to keep children from falling behind, and providing educational services that will allow them to continue to operate at or above grade level. Other positions that I have held include a registered day care home provider, licensed foster parent, community liaison, youth and gang coordinator, grief support coordinator, substitute teacher, field advisor, medical receptionist, victimologist, location coordinator, event planner, and CDL driver.

As a member of the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Juvenile Offender Programs, I was able to influence the lives of approximately 573 at-risk youth. While sitting on the board of the Foster Care Association for the state of Connecticut, it afforded me the opportunity to establish special services for children who had been temporary removed from their primary homes. In 1995, while working for a Crime Prevention Agency, was assigned to work on a team that was filming a documentary in Kansas City dealing with the homicides involving victims who were age 21 or younger. As a child advocate and educational consultant, I have served children from birth through young adult ages by way of childcare, foster care, teaching, searching for missing children and runaway youth and adults, providing tutorial assistance, mediation, and mentorship, and most recently a radio host for children between the ages of 4 thru 18 years of age. My vision for the future of our children and youth is to provide a mobile academics program that will be extended to children all over world.